A Missouri Creek Sneak, Perry Tags a Spurless Longbeard | Turkey Season 24

On this episode is Turkey Season 24 we are joining Wade Robinson, Steve Coon and Perry Battin in the Show-Me state. In the midst of a hectic morning and a few technical difficulties, Coondog is kicking things off on the windy morning of April 17th, as the guys sneak their way through the creek. After locating a bird and some soft calls on the Hunter Specialties Final Roost Box call, Coon Dog is able to seal the deal on a beautiful Missouri longbeard! Next up, Perry is behind the Winchester SX4 and it doesn’t take long to call another bird into range. The crew talks about strategy when hunting windy mornings and discuss their tactics on utilizing topography to their benefit. As alway we appreciate the continued support and wish you the best of luck this season!

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0:00 – Intro To Video
0:18 – Opening Interview
0:51 – Coondog’s Hunt
5:02 – Muddy Ground Blind
5:21 – Perry’s Hunt
12:00 – How To Utilize Decoys

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