How Close Can They Get?! 5 Epic Hunts Up Close and Personal | Turkey Season 24

On this episode of Turkey Season 24 we are bringing you the best close range hunts from the past.
Kicking things off Wade Robinson is in Missouri and notches his tag on a longbeard that walks within feet of him!
Next up, Coon dog and Wade strike a bird in a pasture and end up doubling in the avians at just 10 yards!
After that, we join Mark Drury and Wade Robinson down in Texas, for a up close and personal encounter with a fired up Rio!
Following Mark we Join Chris Comstock in Missouri, for an epic timber hunt on a beautiful Eastern.
Lastly, we join Perry and his wife Marissa Battin as she fills her second Iowa tag on the last day of Turkey season! As always we appreciate the continued support and wish you the best of luck this Spring!

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0:00 – Intro To Video
0:10 – Wade’s Missouri Hunt
3:28 – Mark’s Texas Hunt
7:32 – Chris Comstock Timber Hunt
11:18 – Coondog & Wade’s Double
14:00 – Marissa Battin’s Late Season Longbeard

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Music provided by Epidemic Sound