It swept through 8 states like an epidemic, smashing toms and punching tags, leaving nothing but flyin’ feathers and widowed hens in its wake. In 16 seasons, the Madness has never struck with greater ferocity. And it’s all here. The gnarliest reel of close-up kills the world of turkey hunting world has never seen. We got down and dirty, getting back to our roots to bring you more close-range action than we’ve had on any turkey video in our 21-year history. With 29 kills in all, 3 by bow and 26 by gun, Longbeard Madness 16 has something upside the head for everyone.

You’ll see four youth hunters cut their teeth and cut ‘em down like nobody’s business. Mark and Terry team up to lay down a double smash. And the tradition of Missouri turkey camp continues as the brothers and crew put the nails in the coffin. Ever wonder what a Rage broadhead does to a turkey’s head? You’ll see it first-hand as team member Ken Barteu aims small and hits big. We’ll also teach you some tricks to trail cams for birds, bring you along for a Wounded Warrior turkey hunt in Tennessee, and introduce you to some industry friends. It’s epic. It’s in your face. And it’s like nothing we’ve laid down before.

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