Mark Helping First Time Turkey Hunter | East Winds = Hard Hunting?? | Turkey Season ’24

On this episode of #turkeyseason24 , we will be #hunting #Missouri with Jared Mullins and Brittini Fisher!

Jared kicks us off as they set up on a beautiful roost hunt with birds in sight. The morning turned into something amazing but unfortunately none of the toms wanted to play. After moving spots multiple times that late morning in hopes of striking up a bird, they were coming down to the wire with Missouri’s hunting hours cutting off at 1pm. As luck would have it, Perry Battin spotted a bird on the last farm of the day and only had a few minutes to make it happen!

Up next, Mark Drury takes Brittini out to kill her first turkey ever while pregnant! At first light they decided to set up in the timber and they were in for a show. With the flock chasing each other around, the toms weren’t interested in Marks sweet talking, as they already had their own hens. With no luck there, the crew headed to a few different locations trying to strike up brittini’s first bird. As the day goes on, mark kept one farm that CoonDog scouted the day before in his back pocket. Again, one last ditch effort to get Brittini her bird before legal shooting time runs out!

This is one you won’t want to miss! New #turkeyseason24 content will air next week, and we’re excited to bring it your way.

As always, thank you for watching, and good luck the next time you hit the woods!

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